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Account Issues

If you have any questions concerning Account Issues in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help.

Can I change my title on VFK?

Yes, you can change your title on VFK. To change your title, submit a request for a title change using the title request tab under the in-game Help button. You must make the request from the character you want changed and cannot request the change from another of your characters. A friend can also not request the title change for you. Include the first choice for your new title as well as a second and third choice. Remember, do not include numbers either numeric or written out, or any words inappropriate for a family site. Also, do not include random capitalization. Allow the staff sufficient time to change your title. If you have not received your new title within two days, you may send your request again.

I still have a guest number instead of a title. When will I receive my title?

Every title on VFK must be approved by staff. If it has been several days since you created your character and you still have not received your title, consider the title you selected for your character and if it had numbers in it or contained words that may be inappropriate for a family site, the title may not be able to be approved. You can send a note to the in-game staff using the title request tab under the "Help" button asking for your title to be approved and providing a second and third choice. Allow the staff time to change your title.

Can I call on the phone and get of change my title?

No, we are not able to change titles over the phone. Please send the title request using the title request tab under the "Help" button in game.

Does it cost anything to play VFK?

Virtual Family Kingdom is free to play. You can create an account, explore the kingdom and play the games and quests. If you want to have IM chat, upload videos, buy the special member clothes and furni, and receive daily credits at log in, and many other benefits, you can become a member. A V.I.P. Membership is only $9.95 per month!

How do I create a character to play VFK?

Anyone can create a character. Just click the "Register" button on the home page or the log in page and follow the screen directions.

How do I change my password?

To change the password for your character, you must have access to the email you used to register your account. Go to the log in page and click on the link to reset your password. You must know your username (log in name) and your email address registered to your character. Follow the instructions that are sent to your email address.

NOTE: Do not ever change your password to one that someone has asked you to use. Keep your password a secret. If someone asks for your password, or wants you to change it, report them immediately using the in-game Help button.


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