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Account Security

If you have any questions concerning your Account Security in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help.

What can I do to keep my account secure?

The most important thing you can do to keep your account secure is to never ever give out your log in information for any reason.

Protect your password

Don't get up from your computer leaving your account signed in for even a minute to run and get a snack if there are others who can get on your account without you knowing it with malicious intent. Leaving your computer unattended can enable someone to get on your account (like a younger brother), and get you banned forever in a matter of seconds. To protect your account, if you are going to be out of sight of your computer, sign out of VFK using the logout option on the menu.

I don't want to be scammed, how can I avoid it?

There are always some people who will try to scam others. If you know the most common ways of scamming, it can help you avoid it. If you ever feel uncomfortable or someone promises something that "doesn't sound right," don't trade with that person, and don't do anything they recommend.

  • Misrepresenting an item - Someone may tell you that an item is very collectible, but it is in fact a buyable item. Be sure to know the items that are available in the stores before you trade with anyone. If you suspect that someone is trying to fool you, do not trade.

  • Switching an item at the last minute - Someone may in fact have an item that they show you that is a real collectible, however, they may load the trade window with a lot of items in order to confuse you and substitute a non rare item that closely resembles it in the trade. Be very careful that all the items are what they seem before you click accept.

  • Asking for your log in information so that they can help you play a game, run a quest, etc. - Never give out your log in information to anyone for any reason. If you suspect that someone has your password, change it immediately. Scammers work fast and can remove items from your account quickly. If you are being disconnected from your account unexpectedly and you know that someone has your password, if you quickly send a note to the in-game "Help" button, the staff can catch a scammer immediately and lock your account until you can change your password.

  • Third party site scams - Some scammers will say they have hacked VFK and if you log in to a page they have set up, they will give you 100,000 credits, or some rare item. They may even say they have given out huge credit awards to other players and name them. DO NOT enter your log in information (not even just to check it out), the scammer has set the page up to capture your log in information and will then be able to get on your account and take everything off it quickly. Also, for any outside sites, use different information to register for the site so that someone phishing for your information will not have your VFK account information. If you see any third party sites that are trying to collect VFK account log in information, report them immediately using the in-game "Help" button.

  • Impersonating Staff - VFK staff will never ask for your password or log in information. Do not give anyone your log in information even if they tell you they are staff.

How to keep your password safe.

The best way to keep your password safe is to take a few simple precautions:

  • Choose a good password - Scammers love passwords that are easy to guess. To make your password more secure, use letters and numbers and do not include your name, your in-game title, or any personal information such as your birthday in the password.

  • Only enter your password on the official VFK site. - Only use your password information to log in to VFK and never give it out.

  • Never share your password even with a friend. - You don't know if your friend will protect your password as completely as you would. In addition, you don't know what kind of method they have for protecting their computer from programs that could steal your information (keylogger programs).

  • Use a unique password. - Don't keep using the same password everywhere on the internet because it is easy to remember. Create a unique password for each site.

  • Change your password frequently. - Use the reset password link on the login page to reset your password on a regular basis.

  • Know about password "phishing" and password scams so you can avoid them - Phishing is the term used when someone is trying to get your log in information. There are many common ways that people try to scam log in information on the internet:

    • Ask for your password information in exchange for credits or furni

    • Tell you that something will happen if you type your password and click control + T. It could be any combination of keystrokes that they use. Because VFK has a chat dictionary, you will not be able to say a "safe" password in a room, however, an unsafe password might show.

    • Tell you to change your password to "100000credits" and you will receive 100,000 credits on your account. There is absolutely no cheat that will give you credits, or do anything if you change your password. However, if someone is expecting you to change your password and they know your username, they can get on your account.

    • IM or message with a threat that your account will close if you do not reply with your log in information.

    • Invitation to participate in "secret testing" if you send your log in information.

    • Message that promises that you can be staff if you go to a specific third party site that looks like VFK, but isn't (password phishing site) and enter your log in information.

    • Tell you that if you send them your log in information, they will add you to their membership.

You will never have to worry about any of these schemes and falling prey to them if you just never, never give out your log in information. VFK will never use any such method to get you to give out your password. If you see any attempt at phishing on a third party site, or password scamming in the game, report it immediately using the in-game "Help" button.


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