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If you have any questions or problems concerning cars in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help.

What is a car in VFK?

A car is a mode of transportation in VFK. The car is an item that you own.

How do I get a car?

You can get a car by completing the Transportation Epic Quest. Just click on the "Q" button on the menu bar at the bottom of the game window and click on the "Epic Quests" tab. Click on the Transportation Epic Quest and follow the instructions. After you complete the final day of the Transportation Epic Quest, you will receive a garage and your new car will be parked in your garage waiting for you.

Can I choose the color of my car?

Yes, when you complete the Transportation Epic Quest, you will be asked to select the color of your new car. Please take care when selecting the color of your car as car colors cannot be changed.

Can I take a passenger in my car?

Yes, you can take a friend along in the passenger seat of your car.

Can my car be stolen?

No, cars cannot be stolen or driven by anyone but the owner.

I got out of my car in the driving area and got into a friend's car. Now I can't find my car!

If you are missing your car, just refresh and it will appear back in your garage. You can also call your car to you if you are wearing your car pin. Just double click your car pin and your car will arrive in just a few seconds.

How do I drive my car?

Clicking on the hood or the trunk of your new car will give you the option of opening the doors of your new car. Clicking again will give you the options to close the car doors or sit in your new car. Once you are seated in your new car, you can click again and close the doors. Choosing "Exit" closes the doors if they aren't closed, exits the garage and sets you on the open road!

To steer your new car, you use the arrow keys. The Up arrow will cause you to go straight. The Up arrow and Right arrow will cause you to turn to the right. The Up arrow and the Left arrow will cause you to turn to the left. You need to hold them both down together as you need to be moving forward to turn. The Down arrow will cause your car to slow down quickly and once your car is stopped, it will cause your car to back up. The Down arrow and Left arrow will cause your car to back up and turn to the left. The Down arrow and Right arrow will cause your car to back up and turn to the right.

If you click in the chat field or otherwise change the focus, you can simply click on the back of your car and start driving again.

How do I get in and out of my car in the driving area?

If you would like to get out of your car and walk around, just click on the ground. To get back in your car, just click on your car. Once you have reentered your car, you can start driving again.

What is a tunnel?

A tunnel is a way to get from one driving area to another in VFK. Keep an eye out for tunnels - you never know where they might lead!

Can I trade my car?

No, you are not currently able to trade your car.

I changed my mind about the color I selected for my car, can I change it?

No, be sure you select your favorite color because you can not change the color of your car once it is selected.


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