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Collectibles / Retired / Rare

Items that are only sold in the stores for a limited time, quest items, scavenger hunt items, furni exchange items, and certain other items, may be considered by players to be collectible or rare. These "limited" edition items may only be available for holidays, or for special days, or they could be available for much longer. There is no set time period for an item to be available. When items are taken out of the stores, they are "retired" and won't return to the stores. The only way you can get a retired item is to trade another player for the item.

How much are collectible items?

All items in the stores have the potential to be retired and therefore collectible, so they cost what the stores charge for the item.

Will a retired item ever be re-released again?

No, the exact same item will never be re-released in the stores again once it is retired.

How do I buy collectible items?

Because collectible items are just the regular buyable items available in the store until they are retired, all the items in the store can be considered to be collectible. However, seasonal items, or items that are for special events or holidays are more likely to be available for only a short time compared to the other buyable items.


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