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Credits, Virtual Items and FX

All about credits, FX (enchantments), furniture (furni) and items!

What are credits?

Credits are "points" that you can receive from participating in different VFK activities.

How do I get credits?

You can receive credits by:

  • Visiting each Non-Playing Character (NPC) once a day.
  • Playing mini-games.
  • Going on quests.
  • Going on a scavenger hunt
  • Upon daily log in with VFK Membership.

What is the purpose of credits?

Credits are used in the in-game stores to purchase furniture (furni), clothing for your character, and special FX's for your character.

Where can I spend my credits?

You can spend your credits at the in-game stores, just click on the shop button to see a list of stores displayed. The items listed under "specials" can only be purchased if you are in the store. Just go to a store such as Autumn Imports or the Gift Shoppe in Victorian Age, enter the store, then click on specials. You will then be able to purchase the items under the specials tab.

Why can't I buy some of the items in the stores?

You may not have enough credits to purchase an item. Also, some items are member's only items and can only be purchased if your character has a VFK Membership subscription.

What is an FX?

FXs are special effects that are applied to your character. They last a preset amount of time and then they turn off.

I have an FX, now how do I use it?

You need to be wearing an FX to use it. Click on your inventory, then on your FX tab. Double click on the FX to put it on your character. Click on your character to display what you are wearing, and double click on the FX you want to activate.

How long does an FX last?

An FX lasts a preset time, and then turns off. You can extend the length of time your FX lasts by getting more than one of the same FX and combining them together.

How is an Epic Enchantment different from a regular FX?

Epic Enchantments such as fairy and merfolk change your character until you change it back to human or log out of VFK. You must be wearing your Epic Enchantment pin for fairy to go to the Faery Age, and merfolk for Merfolk Age.

What is a "star" on an FX?

Each FX is considered to be "one star." You can combine up to five of the same FXs together. The number of FXs you combine is indicated on the FX by a star. (For example, a five star FX is five individual FXs combined together.)

How do I combine an FX?

To combine FXs together, click on your inventory, click on FX tab. Click on the FX you want to combine. Click the "combine" button, then click the FX you want to combine with it. Remember, you can only combine the same FX to another.

Can you "un-combine" an FX once it is combined?

No, combined FXs cannot be un-combined.

What is furni?

Furni, short for furniture, is the name for virtual items you can purchase with credits at the in-game stores, get by going on a quest or scavenger hunt, or obtain by trading.

How long is an item available for sale in the stores?

There is no specific time frame for how long an item may remain available for purchase in the stores. Some items are only available for a short time, while others stay in the store longer. The best way is to buy an item you want as soon as it is available so that you don't miss the opportunity.


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