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If you have any questions or problems concerning furniture (furni) in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help.

How do I buy furniture?

Furniture and other items for your room are for sale at the stores (see Stores FAQ).

I bought some furni, now where do I find it?

You will find your furniture under the "pink couch" inventory button on the menu bar.

How do I place furniture in my room.

Just double click on the furniture in your inventory to place it in your room.

How do I move the furniture and arrange it the way I want it?

Click on the piece of furni that you want to move. The options for that piece of furniture will appear. Click on Grid Move, or Free Move, then click on the floor where you want the piece of furniture to go.

Hint: To move your furniture easily, click on the piece you want to move. Click the down arrow, then select either grid move, or free move, then the furni will not float off the ground. You can then move it using both your mouse and the arrow keys.

How can I put furni in other player's rooms.

You cannot place items or move items in another player's room. Members have a feature for their rooms called "furni perms." If you have been added to the furni perm for a member's room, you can place or move items in that room.

What is furni perms?

Members have a feature called "furni perms" which stands for furniture permissions for each of their rooms. This feature allows other players to move or place things in the member's room if they have been added to the furni perms for the room.

Members can add a friend to their furni perms by clicking on the "i" for their room, then adding the friend. The friends will see the member's room appear on their rooms list. They can go to the room whenever they want and add or move items in the room. If the friend stores an item that belongs to the member or another player on the furni perms for the room, the item will go back into the inventory of the owner. If the member removes the friend from the furni perms, the member's room is no longer in the friend's room list. Any items that the friend put in the member's room will be stored in back in the friend's inventory.

I can't see the new items and furni in the store. What do I do?

When new items are added to VFK, you may need to refresh your browser in order to see the new items. If you still are not able to see the new items, you may need to clear your cache on your computer. Look up and follow the directions for your browser and version to clear your cache.

Someone gave me a present, how do I open it?

You open a present by placing it in your room. Click on the gift. There is a button that says "unwrap" click the unwrap button and your gift will appear, and a message from the gift sender will pop up.

What do I do to interact with the furni?

To see the options for the furniture, click on the item when it is placed in your room. Some items can be sat on. To sit on a item, just click on it. Your character will walk over to the item and sit down.

My teleporters don't work. What is wrong?

You may be using teleporters that don't match. Teleporters will be put next to each other in your inventory when you buy them. If you are unsure which teleporters go together, just place your teleporters in your room and test them by going through one teleporter and see which one you emerge from. You can place more in your room until you find the one that matches.

Do the staff hand out free items and furni and how do I get some? Do I get a present from staff on my birthday?

The staff only award prizes to the winners of staff run games like trivia or word mix. HOST staff only award prizes to winners of the host games. They do not give out free items in the game.

I don't see my furniture in my inventory.

If your inventory doesn't come up or is very slow to load, you are probably getting too many items in your inventory. When you notice that your inventory is loading more slowly than usual, pick one of your rooms, or buy a new room and store some of your items there by placing them in the room. If your inventory does not come up at all, send a note to 'Help" in game and it will be fixed for you.


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