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Help Button

If you want to know more about the Help button in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help.

How do I use the Help button?

To use the Help button, just click on "Help" on the menu bar. A form will pop up which displays three options: "Report," "Title Request," and "Help Fairy." The first tab "Report" is shown. This tab is used to report behavior and activity by other players that are violating the VFK Constitution. Just follow the instructions to send a message to the in-game staff. The Title Request tab is for requesting a title change. Just click on the Title Request tab and fill out the requested information. The Help Fairy tab is to call your personal Help Fairy to come to you (See Help Fairy FAQ). Remember, you should always use courteous behavior and language when sending notes to Help.

When should I use the Help button?

You should use the Help button when you see another player violating the VFK Constitution. It can also be used for other requests. It should not be used to chat with staff, to complain about being banned or to harass staff in any way.

You should NOT use the Help button for the following reasons:

  • Spamming or flooding Help
  • Trying to scam staff
  • Asking how to be staff
  • Minor questions about the game that can be easily answered in the FAQ or by your Help Fairy.
  • Asking personal questions about staff or other players
  • Asking for free clothing, furni, or items

If I see a player saying or doing things that violate the VFK Constitution, how do I report them?

Just click on the player and then click on the report button on the player's profile. Add the reason you are reporting the player. Be as brief and as accurate as possible. If the person leaves before you have a chance to click on them, click on "Help" then fill out the report, filling in the name of the player and why you are reporting them.

Can I get banned for asking for help?

No, you will not get banned for legitimately asking for Help from the in-game staff. However, the same rules of conduct outlined in the VFK Constitution for the game also apply to the in-game Help button. If you send vulgar messages, spam or flood the help, threaten the staff or another player in any way, you may be banned, just as though you had done this in the game.


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