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Help Fairy

If you want to know more about the Help Fairy in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help.

What is a Help Fairy?

A Help Fairy is your personal tour guide in VFK. No one else but you can see your help fairy, or see what your Help Fairy says. When you first log in to VFK, your tiny Help Fairy will fly out to you and greet you. Your Help Fairy will tell you that they are there to help you and you can ask your Help Fairy any question you want about VFK.

When should I use the Help Fairy?

Any time you have a question, or need help, or if you would just like your fairy to tag along with you when playing VFK, you can call your Help Fairy. To get the best information from your Help Fairy, ask specific questions and use correct grammar and spelling.

How do I call my Help Fairy?

You can call your Help Fairy by typing 411 in your chat box and hitting "enter." You can also click on the Help Button on the menu bar and click the "Call Help Fairy" button. Your Help Fairy will fly to wherever you are located.

If other players are in the room with you, you will need to ask a question using 411 followed by your question. When you ask your Help Fairy a question using 411 followed by your question, no one else can see your question, or your Help Fairy's answers. If you are in a room by yourself and you call your Help Fairy, you can just chat with your Help Fairy without putting the 411 in front of your question.

How do I make my Help Fairy go away?

Just type "411 bye" in your chat box and click enter.


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