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Instant Messenger

If you have any questions concerning the Instant Messenger (IM) Members Feature in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help. What is the Instant Messenger (IM) feature? Members receive the Instant Messaging Feature when they become a member. This feature enables you to communicate with your friends that you have added to your friends list regardless of where they are in VFK.

How do I send an IM?

The player you want to contact in IM must be on your friend's list. If your friend is not online, you can still send an IM and they will receive the IM when they are next online. To send an IM to a friend, just open your friend's list, select a friend from the list and click on the IM button. The IM Chat window will appear on your screen with your friend's name in a tab at the top. Just type your message in the text entry window at the bottom of the IM Chat box. When you hit "enter" on your keyboard, the message will be sent to your friend and appear in the scrolling window in the center of the box.

If I am playing a game in VFK, can I receive an IM?

In most of the games in VFK, you can receive an IM message from a friend while you are playing a game. The exception is The Fourth of July Fireworks Game where you cannot receive an IM. A message is sent back to the friend who is sending an IM to you telling them that you are playing the Fireworks Game. You will not receive the IM message even when you exit the game.

What if I don't want IM's to distract me?

You can slide the IM window off to the side and it will not "steal" the focus. To see the IM window again, just refresh, or change your game style.

Can I send an IM message if I am not a V.I.P. Member?

No, if you are not a V.I.P. Member, you cannot initiate an IM, however, you can receive and respond an IM from a member who has added you to their friend's list.

Can I have more than one IM's open at the same time?

Yes, just open your IM window to send a message to a friend. You can close your friend's list, or leave it open. If you leave it open, you can chose another friend from your list and click the IM button. This will open another IM tab in your IM Chat window. The tab for the friend you are currently sending an IM to will be highlighted. To switch between conversations, just click the tab of the friend you want to message.

How do I close the IM Chat window?

Just click the small "x" next to the friend's name on their tab, or click the close X in the upper right of the IM Chat window.

Can I create an IM chat with more than one friend in the same IM?

No, the ability to have more than one friend in an IM chat is not supported at this time.

What do I do if I receive an inappropriate IM?

Instant Messages are subject to the same chat dictionary as regular chat. If you receive an inappropriate message, send a "help" message to the in-game staff reporting the incident and they will review it.

Can I stop receiving IM messages from someone?

Yes, if you do not want to receive IM communications from someone on your friend's list, just remove them from your list. Select their name on your friend's list and click the "Remove Friend" button.

Why am I receiving IM messages from someone I have deleted from my friend's list?

It is possible that a person you have removed from your friend's list can send you an IM if they left their IM Chat window up after you removed them. Open IM Chat windows are closed automatically at game close.


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