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Managing your character

If you want to know the basics about Managing Your Character in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help.

How do I chat with other players?

There is a chat box in the menu bar on your screen. To chat, just type your message into the box and click the return key (enter) to send the chat to the room.

If you see words that appear in red, it means that the word is either not spelled correctly, or that it is not allowed by the chat dictionary. You will need to change those words until no words appear in red. You can then send your message.

How do I walk?

To walk, you click the floor.

How do I dance?

To dance, just click Ctrl + click the floor. You can also click the motion button which looks like a walking person on the menu bar and select the dance option.

How do I wave or hop?

To wave, click the motion button which looks like a walking person on the menu bar and select the wave option or hop option.

How do I sit?

If the object belongs to you, click on the object then on the "sit" button. Your character will find its own way over to the place you want to sit.

If the object is not yours, just click on the object and you will walk over to it and sit on it.

How do I customize the way I look?

Just click on the clothes hangar on the menu bar and your clothes closet will appear. Click on an item to put it on your character. Choose the hair style you want and dress your character the way you want by clicking on the clothes you want to wear. When you like the way you look, just click the "Accept" button. If you want to remove an item such as a hat or a coat, just click NONE and it will be taken off. Any place you are in the game, you can change your clothes and hairstyle.


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