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NPC's - Non-Player Controlled Characters

If you have any questions concerning the NPC's in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help.

What is an NPC?

An NPC, which is short for Non-Player Controlled character, is a type of automatic character that reacts to players in a predetermined way. You find NPC's at stores or in public rooms. Each NPC gives out credits daily.

How do I get credits from the NPC's?

You can receive credits from an NPC by:

  • Going to the room where the NPC is located.
  • The NPC will greet you and ask you a question. This question is usually about if you want to collect your daily credits.
  • To answer the NPC, state their name and your reply. For example, you might say "Yes, please, Mister Ned."
  • The NPC will tell you how many credits are available for you. To accept the credits, just reply to their question and be sure to include their name. (Note: politeness counts.)

What kinds of questions will the NPC answer?

There is a variety of questions that the NPC will answer based on certain words you say called "keywords." Most of the NPC's will give you basic help such as directions to places in the game, and say a number of conversational things. You can ask the NPC questions. If you ask questions that are inappropriate for a family site, your account could be suspended.

Does each NPC give out the same number of credits?

The number of credits can vary between NPC's.

If I log off and sign back in, can I collect credits again?

No, you can only collect credits for your character once per day.


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