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Parent's Guide

If you have any questions concerning your child playing in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help.

How do I contact VFK if I have a problem?

You can request the help of customer service by sending an email using the Contact Us Form. We try to respond to all questions within a 48 hour period.

Is my child safe on VFK?

VFK is moderated seven days a week, 24 hours a day by a staff of highly trained Moderators. Players can request help from staff at any time using the clearly indicated "Help" button in the game which is available at all times that they are playing VFK. We also monitor chat without notice.

VFK also utilizes a chat dictionary which does not allow sharing of personal information, offensive chat or inappropriate words for any of the chat, guest room names, signatures and VFK player created messages. We take safety very seriously at VFK and are dedicated to educating players on how to best stay safe on the Internet.

Does it cost anything for my child to play VFK?

Players are able to register an account, log in to the game and play for free indefinitely. VFK offers membership subscriptions at a modest fee which gives players access to additional features of the game including IM chat, special furniture, rooms, clothing and items, and a daily credit award.

The Membership subscription can be purchased on the site using a secure payment system. The only way a charge can appear on your credit card is if someone in your household has purchased a V.I.P. Membership subscription. For more information on V.I.P. Membership Subscriptions, please see the FAQ for Membership Subscriptions.

What is VFK?

Virtual Family Kingdom (VFK) is an online virtual world based on history where families can play together using customized avatars.

The game features "public" rooms created by VFK where all players can play and chat as well as private player rooms. Players can design their private rooms with virtual furniture and items.

VFK also has a number of mini-games and special Epic Quests. Once a player completes an Epic Quest, they can turn into a fairy and go to the fairy world, and a merfolk and go to the undersea world. By completing the Twilight Quest, a player can become a wolf. Completing the Space Enchantment Epic Quest enables a player to turn into an alien. The Epic Quest for Transportation once completed enables a player to get a car to drive on the Open Road in VFK and a garage.

VFK is an exciting and active community that has weekly quests, hosted events, and creative games.


The Virtual Family Kingdom is about fun, entertainment, adventure and building friendships. Read more about us and the game...


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