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Player Rooms

If you have any questions concerning Player Rooms in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help.

Is the room that I appear in when I log in, my room?

Yes, the room that you appear in when you log in to VFK is your room.

How do I get back to my room when I am somewhere else in VFK?

To get back to your room, click on the small house icon on the left side of the menu bar. Your list of rooms will be displayed. Click on the room you want to go to and click "go to room." You will be taken back to that room. You can also refresh your browser and you will appear back in your room.

Why are there so many people in my garden, and why won't they leave when I ask?

The garden room outside the door of your log in room is a public room where other players can gather and chat. Go on out and make friends!

How do I buy a room?

You can buy a room by clicking on the shop button on the menu bar and selecting the Land Office. The Land Office lists all the rooms that are for sale to players.

One of my friends has a room that is not in the Land Office to buy, how can I get it?

The room may be one that is no longer available to buy, or may be a member's room that was awarded as a member's gift or as part of a membership. .

I bought a room, where is it, and how do I go to it?

You can find a list of all your rooms by clicking on the small house icon on the left of the menu bar. To go to one of your rooms, just click the name of the room in the list and click "go to room."

Are there any rules for player rooms?

You need to follow the VFK Constitution at all times while playing VFK. When you are in another player's room, you should behave as you would if you were visiting someone's home.

How do I delete, sell or trade a room?

Once you buy a room, you cannot delete it or sell it back. Also, currently there is no way trade a room.

Can I add a password to my room?

Yes, to add a password to one of your rooms, be sure you are in the room alone. Click on the "i" button in the lower left of the menu bar. The control panel for your room will appear. Add the password you want for your room in the field that says "Enter code for others to access this room" and click "save." Leave the room and come back in for the password to become activated. Give the password to anyone that you want to be able to enter the room. Access is restricted to only those players who know the password or to players on your friends list. To restrict your friends from bypassing the password, you will need to unclick the "Allow friends to jump to this room" button.

How do I lock my room so that no one can enter?

Click on the house icon and select your room that you want to lock. Click on the "i" button to display the room control panel. Be sure the fields "Allow Everyone" and "Allow Friends To Jump To This Room" are not checked. Click save.

How much furni can I place in my room?

There is no limiting number of furni items that you can place in a room. When you can no longer walk in your room, it is a good indication that you have reached the limit of what your computer can handle.

Under the "i" button for my room, I see a field called "Furni Perms. What is that?

Furni Perms stands for furniture permissions. Members can allow other players on their friends list to move and place items in their rooms. To add a player to your furni perms, just click on "Furni Perms" on your "i" room information form. The Furniture Permissions window will open showing "Allowed Friends:" on the left and your friends list on the right. Just click the name of a friend and click "Add Selected" to add them to your Furni Perms. To remove them click the friend's name on the left column and select "Remove Selected." Click "Save" to apply your changes. If a player is removed from your furni perms, all the items they have placed in your room will be put back in to their inventory. If a player stores an item belonging to you, it will return to your inventory.

What does the "List Items" button do on the Edit Room Information window?

The "List Items" feature enables members or family members to show all the items in their room. Items can be stored one at a time by selecting an item, then clicking "Store" or all at once by just clicking the "Store All" button.

What does the "List Players" button do on the Edit Room Information window?

The "List Players" feature enables members or family members to show all the players that are present in their room. If you want to boot or report a player, instead of just clicking on the player in the room, you can open the window and select their name from the list of players in your room. You can then click on the "Boot" or "Report" button.

How do I set how many people are allowed in my room?

Click on the "i" button in the lower left corner of your menu bar to bring up the Edit Room Information window. Click on the "Max Occupants drop down field. Select how many players you want to allow into your room. Click Save.

Can I lock the items in my room in place so they can't be moved?

Yes, just open the Edit Room Information window by clicking the "i" button for a room, then click the Lock Furniture field. Click Save.

Why was the name of my room changed?

If you name a room something inappropriate for a family site, the name of your room may be changed by a staff member, or they could request that you change the name of your room. Your room could also be closed by the staff. Naming your room something inappropriate could also result in your character being suspended. Always follow the VFK Constitution when naming your rooms.

How do I get on the Popular Rooms tab on the Room List?

You need to select the "Allow Everyone" option for your room in the Edit Room Information window and change the Max occupancy to allow the largest number of players. If enough other players come to your room, your room will appear on the "Popular Rooms" list.


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