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If you have any questions concerning safety in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help.

Where do I buy things?

To buy clothing to wear, FX for your character, items and furni, rooms, and to send gifts to other players, you need to shop at the stores. To see the stores, just click on the "Shop" button on the menu bar. There are currently ten stores in VFK:

  • Western Mercantile - Western Age
  • Land Office
  • Merlin's - Medieval Age
  • Enchanted Store - Faerie Age
  • Sea Store - Merfolk Age
  • Autumn Imports - Victorian Age
  • Gift Shoppe - Victorian Age
  • Galactic Trading Post - Space Age
  • Icetastic Shop - Icetastic
  • Inland Ocean Shop - Splashtastic

You can only go to the Sea Store when you are wearing your fairy enchantment and you can only go to the Enchanted Store when you are wearing your merfolk enchantment.

I see a lot of items in player's rooms, but they are not for sale in any of the stores. How do I get these items?

Items that aren't currently in the stores could fall into two categories: previously buyable; or from a non-buyable source.

If they were buyable, but are no longer available, they are considered retired and will never return to the stores. (Some seasonal items may return but are only available seasonally.) Items could also be from non-buyable sources. Non-buyable sources are:

  • Host games
  • Quests
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Mazes
  • Party favors from the balls
  • Furni Exchange
  • Member's gifts
  • Holiday events

Items that are in either of these categories, and which are no longer available, can only be obtained by trading other players.

How do I buy things from the stores?

In order to buy items from the stores, you need to have credits. To find out more about how to get credits, read the Credits FAQ.

If you have credits, and want to buy an item from the stores, you can just click on the shop button and then select the store you want to open. You can do this from anywhere in the game including your room. Select the category you want to shop in such as furniture, then select the item you want by clicking on it. It will show you how much the item costs. A "Buy" button also appears. If you click "Buy," it will ask you to confirm that you want to buy the item and you will need to click "Ok" or "Cancel." If you have sufficient credits to buy the item, it will be placed in your inventory. If it is clothing for your character, it will appear in your closet, if it is an FX, it will appear under your FX tab, if it is a room, it will appear in your rooms list.

Note: If you are a girl and you purchase clothes for a boy, or a boy and purchase clothes for a girl, the clothes will show up in your inventory as you are not able to wear them, but you can trade them.

I don't see anything under the "Specials" category in the stores.

The items under specials only appear when you are in the store itself. If you are in a store, and you click the "Shop" button, you will be able to see what is available under the "Special" category.

I'm not a member, can I still buy the items under "Members Specials" in the store?

No, your character must be the primary member of a V.I.P. Membership account to buy the items displayed under "Members Specials" in the stores.

I bought an item from the store by mistake, can I sell it back?

Certain items such as some clothing you can sell back to the stores. To sell an item back, open your inventory (Pink Couch icon) and select the item you want to sell back. If it is sellable, it will have a "Sell" button under the item in the display window. Just click on "Sell." It will tell you the amount of credits you will receive for the item. To sell the item, click "Yes, sell this item" to cancel and not sell the item, click "cancel." You can not reverse the sale once you have agreed to sell the item. You do not have to be the original purchaser of the item to sell it back.


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