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If you have any questions concerning membership in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help.

What is a V.I.P. Membership?

A V.I.P. Membership is a membership subscription which is ongoing. You receive a Credit award and Gold Stamp award, a number of special game features and new membership items every month for only $9.95. To sign up for this service, you can use a number of payment options including credit cards and gift cards. You may cancel your Family V.I.P. membership at any time.

What do I receive for my membership subscription?

You receive a number of special game features and member buying privileges in the stores. You also receive Gold Stamps which you can redeem in the Gold Stamp Store in Retro Age! Your monthly Gold Stamp award will increase each month you are a member.

With Gold Stamps, you can select just the member items you want (or even save your Gold Stamps for something amazing)! To know more about Gold Stamps, see the Gold Stamps FAQ.

You are also able to upload videos and receive 1,000 credits daily at log in. Also, each month special furni, clothes, or rooms are released for V.I.P. Members.

When do I get my membership items after I subscribe?

You will receive your membership items usually within minutes, however sometimes it can take as long as 30 minutes for the databases to all update at peak operating times. If you have not received your membership items within 30 minutes, feel free to send a note to "Help" in game, or an email to from your confirmation email for your membership.

Can I sign up for a membership if I don't live in the United States?

Yes, V.I.P. Membership is open to any country.

Can I cancel my membership subscription?

Yes, you may cancel your membership subscription at any time. When you cancel your membership subscription, it will expire at the end of your current paid month. After cancellation, no further billing for that membership will occur.

How can I cancel a membership subscription?

You may cancel an ongoing V.I.P. Membership Subscription before the next billing date in any of the following ways:

1. Log in to your membership area at and click the "Unsubscribe" link next to the membership you with to cancel. Confirm that you would like to unsubscribe the membership. When you have unsubscribed a membership, the "Unsubscribe" link will no longer be active next to that membership, and the date that the membership expires will be displayed below the "Active Through" column.

You may alternatively:

2. Send an email to from the confirmation email address used to register your membership, stating that you would like to cancel your membership.

3. Call the VFK Offices at 1-954-349-3325, Mon-Fri, 10:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M. PST. (If all VFK Customer Service Representatives are busy, or you call when the office is not open, please do not leave a voice message to cancel a membership.)

4. Send an in-game help message. (When using this method, you must be logged on to the primary character of the membership.)

If cancelling using methods 2, 3 or 4, if you have more than one membership, you must specify which membership you wish to cancel. You will receive a confirmation email that your membership has been cancelled. (Please note that we make every effort to process cancellation requests the day they are made, however, please allow 2-3 business days for your request to be processed.)

Do I lose my membership items when I cancel my membership?

No, you keep any member items, items bought with Gold Stamps, or special member gifts or rooms that you bought or received while your membership was active.

How can I tell if my membership will rebill?

First, log in to your membership area. You will see a date next to your membership. If there are "Change Billing" and "Unsubscribe" links next to the membership, it means that your membership is active and will rebill on the date listed under the heading "Active Through." If you do not want the membership to rebill, simply follow the F.A.Q. instructions for cancelling a membership. If there are no links next to the membership, the membership will not rebill and will expire on the date listed under "Active Through."

Can I buy more than one membership for a character?

Yes, you can buy multiple memberships for one character.

I already have a membership, how do I purchase a membership for another member of my family or another character?

When you purchase a membership, you are asked to assign the membership to a character at the time of purchase. Just fill in the username and password of the character you want to have the membership, and continue to the payment pages.

Can I change the primary account holder on my membership?

No, once the membership has been assigned to a primary character, it cannot be changed for security purposes. You will need to cancel the membership on the current character, and purchase a new membership for the other character.

I want to give my membership to a friend, can I do that?

At this time, memberships are not transferrable.

Is my payment information safe?

Yes, we use which is owned by VISA to process credit cards. We follow all industry standard PCI compliance regulations. Your payment information is always secure, and credit card information is never stored on our servers.

Can I buy a membership by sending cash, a check or a money order in the mail?

The way to pay using cash is to purchase a gift card such as VISA, MasterCard, and American Express, from a grocery store or major department store. You can then use the online membership credit card system.

I only purchased a one month membership, why am I getting billed?

All of our memberships are subscriptions that continue unless cancelled. Monthly memberships continue at the monthly rate of $9.95. If you only want membership for one month, you may cancel your membership anytime up until three days before the membership is set to recur, (which is one month after the purchase date). You may cancel the membership anytime after your purchase, including immediately after the purchase. To cancel, simply follow the F.A.Q. instructions for cancelling a membership.

I have a monthly membership and I want to change it to a yearly, is this possible?

Yes, you can convert a monthly membership to a longer membership (6 month or yearly, for instance). To upgrade, you can send an email message requesting the change to or call the VFK Offices at 1-954-349-3325. Your Gold Stamp award level for that membership will not change. If you would like to use different payment information for the updated membership, you will need to call the VFK Offices, or fill out the "Change Billing" form for your membership before you send an email request for converting your membership to a six month or yearly.

The credit card I used for my membership is expiring. What do I do?

To update your payment information, just log in to your membership area and click on the "Change Billing" link next to the membership you need to update. Fill out the Change Billing Information form and click the submit change button at the bottom of the form. Your payment information will be updated. Please be sure to update your billing information at least two to three business days before the next membership recur date, to be sure the new credit card information will be used. If you have more than one membership that uses the expiring credit card, simply update each membership individually. Updating your payment information will not affect your Gold Stamp award level.

How do I access my membership area?

To access your membership area, go to:

Enter your log in information.

You will be taken to your membership area. If you have a legacy membership, you will see a link to your legacy membership area, click on the link "Access Legacy Membership Area." It will take you to the login screen for your legacy membership area. Enter your login information to log in to your legacy membership area.

If I have a question about my membership, what should I do?

Send a message to from the email address you used to register your membership, with your question.


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