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If you have any questions or problems concerning trading in VFK, reading through these frequently asked questions should help.

How do I trade?

To trade with another player, just click on the player and click the "ask to trade" button. If the player accepts, a trade window will pop up. You can chat in the trade window with the person you are trading. Just put items from your inventory into the window. When you are both satisfied with the trade, click "accept." When both players click accept, you will be asked to confirm the trade. When both players click "Confirm" the trade is completed.

Where can I trade?

You can trade in any private or public room.

What is scamming?

Scamming is where a player deceives another player about the value of an item, or misrepresents the item. Usually players that are new to the game and are not familiar with the value of retired or non-buyable items are more easily deceived.

What are items worth?

There is no official guide to the value of furni items. They are worth what a player is willing to pay, or accept for them.

What do I do if I think I have been scammed?

If you are deceived about the value of an object, or the object is misrepresented, then you may have been scammed. Send a report of the incident to the in-game staff by using the "Help" button. Give as complete a description of the trade as you can and include when the trade occurred and the name of the other player you traded. The trade will be investigated.

What if I change my mind after a trade and want my items back?

If both players agree to a trade, accept, then confirm the trade, the trade is considered to be completed. If you change your mind, tell the other player. Some players will be nice and trade back. Remember, you are never under any obligation to trade anything, and may cancel out of a trade at any time. Don't accept a trade unless you are happy with it.

Do I have to trade?

Trading is an optional feature. You never have to trade. If someone is trying to make you trade with them, report them using the in-game Help button.

Can I trade rooms?

No, rooms can not be traded at this time.

Why are some items not tradable?

Some items are only tradable between members. Other items such as Membership pins, contest prizes and items, and Epic Quest enchantments are not tradable.

I traded for a clothing item, but can not see it in my closet. Where is it?

You may have traded for boy clothing and are a girl, or have traded for girl clothing, and are a boy. You will not be able to see clothing that your character cannot wear in your closet. The item will appear in your inventory tab.


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